This quotes rings true as it begins snowing like mad in Minnesota…

When I use to live in Canada I would love running in the Snow and Rain…

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If you are constantly pushing yourself to improve it should never get easier… just more rewarding!

I pulled my butt !

I was so proud of myself - going on 6 weeks without skipping Legs Day !!!! 

If you are new to following you may not know that I have had both of my ACL replaced - in both needs of course.

I continually made excuses as to why I should not be doing legs (but would still do 10km runs every week…)

I had just finished a personal best for Squats and moved on to deadlifts.  Third set in, a split second after thinking “I am killing these!”  POP !

Something in my glutes decides enough is enough… 

Like the idiot that I am, I still went on to complete my:

Hack Squats, Leg Extensions, Laying Leg Curls and Standing Calve Extensions.

Because it is my glutes and not my lower back I have still been able to do my usual upper body workouts but having a bit of a problem tying my shoes or putting on underwear…

Cardio day tomorrow…. how the hell am I going to pull this off….


Photographer: Sherly Susan

I finally found a good shot of my back, that I like !!  Reblogged from my Modelling Page:

Photographer: Yunn Chin

2 more images from the fitness photo shoot I was involved in.

I found this photo of ME !!!  On someone else’s page.

They had cropped it to take the watermark from the photographer:  Sea Salt Studios.

I guess the nice thing is that it has 1100 notes (where the original on my page has 100).

Not sure why people don’t just give credit where credit is due - leave the photographer’s watermark on the photo!

Rant over.


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Another, kind of, candid shot.

I volunteered to model for a Photography school and this photographer kept telling me I looked too serious… and send this photo to me. 

One of my favourites!

Before and After photo - not going to try to fool anyone.  They are years apart. 

The funny thing is that the one on the right was when I was going to Hawaii, on vacation, and had been working out - to look good on the beach!

Photographer (photo on the right): James Demitri


Discipline: The one thing necessary to achieve any goal worth having.

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Roller Coaster Highway, Beaufort County, South Carolina

photo via lisa

My motorcycle and I need to meet this road.

Funny, I was thinking I have to run on this road!


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Your selfies are shit


*the shit

Your selfies are awesome!

People that have been following my model page: have been asking me to put more personal / candid shots up… 


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Images from a Fitness photoshoot with Yunn Chin Photography